Öskudagur at ISI

Öskudagur, or Ash Wednesday, was a big success at ISI this week. Students and staff in grades K-8 dressed up in costumes and played games or sang for sweets at stations around the school. Happy Ash Wednesday!

How United We Are

Students in grades 5-6 at ISI took part in a school-to-school exchange with an international school in India this week. Individuals from both countries presented their nations, highlighted challenges, and shared their visions for the future. Our thanks to Madam Ranya Shyam at the Indian embassy in Reykjavik for arranging this experience.

The Rainforest - IPC Exit Point in grades 3-4

Grade 3-4 students have been studying the Rainforest in IPC, which ended with an engaging campaign and presentation. Students raised money to protect an endangered species (the jaguar), debated the pros and cons of deforestation, and presented their knowledge of the rainforest. Many thanks for inviting us to be part of your learning!