Guiding Statements

The International School of Iceland offers an international education in English to children who are in the Greater Reykjavik area for a specific period and a bilingual education (Icelandic-English) for children in grades K-6 who live in Iceland.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a dynamic community of confident, creative, and respectful learners. 

Reviewed & Updated: August 2022

Mission statement

The mission of the International School of Iceland is to create an environment that is academically stimulating and supportive. As an international program with an English and bilingual stream, we value multilingualism, and encourage international-mindedness.

Reviewed & Updated: August 2022

Internationalism in Education

Internationalism in education at ISI emphasizes cultural and linguistic development, diversity, and education. Global coursework and research reflect and respect alternative views and backgrounds. Formative and summative assessments measure a broad multi-cultural perspective for the development of global citizens.

Core Values at ISI:
Respect, Creativity, Self-efficacy (Confidence)

Respect at ISI is defined as respect of self, others, and the surrounding environment. Respect in action can include cooperation, acceptance, positive language, active listening, and environmental awareness.


ISI understands creativity to mean having the resources (technology, materials, instruments, knowledge) and freedom to produce original work, to take risks, and the curiosity to try new things.

Self-Efficacy (Confidence)

Self-efficacy means belief in one's own capacity to take on a task and complete it to the best of one's abilities. This encompasses independence, resilience, originality, and adaptability.