These students work together to solve challenging Math problems such as telling time using an interactive app.

Each iPad in use at ISI is packed with carefully chosen apps to support our educational program and our mission of creativity and fun in learning.

Technology & Education at ISI

The International School of Iceland uses technology to improve classroom instruction and to increase student learning and engagement through technological innovation. iPads are located in all teaching areas and the school has access to our host school's laptop trolleys. 

Mission Statement

The International School of Iceland's technology aim is to help students discover the power of learning through technology, to build research skills, and to accommodate different learning styles.

Technology in the Curriculum


Coding - Grades K-10

The purpose of coding is to make programming accessible and appealing to students. Students create their own playable and shareable games, solve puzzles and learn how to code at the same time.

Product Design - Middle School (Grades 7-10)

In Project Design, students design and create computer-generated digital products. The focus is on applying technology to identify a problem, develop an idea, create a solution and evaluate/reflect on the process to make improvements for future efforts.

Cross Curricular Benefits of Technology



  • Allow students to interact with text to practice and demonstrate comprehension strategies

  • Allow students to access online media that supports the classroom text

  • Support students to move easily between text and illustrations to demonstrate understanding

  • Allow students to build vocabulary and practice skills in fun and hands-on ways


  • Enrich instructional time

  • Give students access to interactive math apps

  • Allow students to practice math basic facts independently and at their own pace

  • Illustrate geometry facts and/or figures

  • Allow students with a Personalized Learning Plan to work independently



  • Serve as an all-in-one device to quickly support all steps of the writing process in Writers’ Workshop

  • Allow students to quickly create presentations

  • Allow for students to build up keyboarding skills

  • Allow for differentiation

Dificult activities such as math problems and research in English and IPC come alive thanks to the interactive, colorful and intuitively-designed iPad.