After School Activities

At ISI, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our student body after-school activities which offer them variety and fun! We design our courses based on student needs, sports and other popular activities.


Our activity teachers are selected based on their unique talents and interests, which means they are having fun right along with the students! 


Download the schedule of our current semester to find more information about our after-school clubs and activities, as well as how to register your student. After School Activities will begin shortly after the start of the new semester, beginning with Homework Club on January 13. Look at all the new activities!











2:10 PM -

Chess+ Club


2:10 PM 

Homework Club

Science Club

Innovation (Nýsköpun) Club


2:10 PM

DJ Workshop

(in the Music Room)


2:10 PM 

Homework Club

Spanish Club

Art Club

Coding Club


2:10 PM 

Science Club

Why are these students so happy?

See Coding Club below! 

Ain't No Party Like an ISI LAN Party!

Coding Club wrapped up its 12-week run this semester with two special events to celebrate our creativity this semester and make some memories as we head off to summer vacation soon. On Thursday, April 30, students took a trip to the Icelandic headquarters of CCP Games, a video game developer and publisher most famous for its sci-fi epic, Eve Online.


Guðmundur Helgason was our friendly tour guide, taking us through all levels of the CCP offices and showing us where designers, musicians, developers, graphic artists, quality assurance testers and customer service were located, all to make sure that gamers have a great experience when playing Eve or other CCP Games. Students were encouraged by the idea that they did not have to major only in Computer Science to work  at a company like CCP (although of course that is always a good idea!) There are many different elements that make up a game, from character art to marketing, and you can find a place at a game company if you are good at what you do and you love to do it!


Thank you to CCP for inviting us to their building and to Guðmundur for hosting us during our visit. Several students announced that they wanted to stay forever!


On May 7, students celebrated the end of the year by having a LAN party. Students played games like Minecraft on PC or tablet and an action game on Xbox together while munching chips and ice cream. The teacher, Beth, tried Call of Duty, too, and was immediately creamed by the students.


“They were really very kind to me,” Beth said later of her lame performance. “I was so impressed by how patient they were explaining how the buttons work. I played like a total noob.” When asked if she planned to buy an Xbox for herself, she smiled and said, “I think I’ll stick to PC!”


After an afternoon of fun, students thanked their teacher for the Coding Club and posed for one last picture together. Have a great summer, nerds! 

Coding Club Stars 2015

What ́s this unit all about?


It’s easy to turn our back on the world’s problems, but when we do those problems only get worse.

That’s why if we want to make a positive change, to create a better future, we should try to make those changes today and be the voice of now. It’s time to listen to us!

New IPC Unit: Listen to Us! 

On Tuesday, January 20, ISI students began an exciting new  IPC unit called Listen to Us! This unit will be completed by all of our students. It will take us approximately 7 weeks to complete our work! The unit began with a thought-provoking game on the football field outside. The children all stood in one long line, oldest to youngest, and teachers Justin and Karen called out the questions. Then, the kids had to move towards the sunny side of the football field if they agreed and away from the sun if they disagreed. They were encouraged to make their own judgement, rather than follow the crowd, or their friends.


Tricky questions included:


1. Is it ok to lie?

2. Is it ok to cheat at a game if you don't get caught?

3. Should you always listen to your friends?

4. If you can't look after your pet properly, is it ok to abandon it?

5. Would you like to see changes made in your school?

6. Is it ok to hit back if the other person hits you first?


After the activity, classes continued indoors to discuss the questions further. Students were encouraged at this level to back up their claims with reasons and arguments. Students will develop their own  Campaign for Change based on a cause they feel passionate about. They will also have to make a plan in order to support their cause and carry out activities to raise awareness.


In addition to this, we will be working hard on a special international Exit Point. More on that will be revealed as we get closer to the end of our unit. Stay tuned! 


This unit represents a change from our usual way of doing things at ISI. Normally, the school participates in whole-school units at the start of the school year in order to foster a team spirit and togetherness for the entire student body. We also like to end our school year with the same unit if there is something really big on a global scale, such as the Olympics or World Cup. Pam, our Head of IPC, explains why she thought this unit was perfect for ISI: “When I saw this new unit I was struck by how well it complimented our Positive Discipline philosophy. It seemed like a perfect opportunity to deepen our understanding and empathy for others as well as to look outside of our home country and connect with the lives of others elsewhere in the world.“


Students are off to a fine start with the new unit, Listen to Us! “It was fun and healthy to be out running in the sunshine!“ added Pam. 

Science Club (Fall & Spring Semester)

Teacher Mirjam de Waard is in charge of Science Club on Tuesdays (Grades 1-4) and on Fridays for Grade 5 and up. In the first class, students studied the plasma light from different corners. In the school basement, Mirjam used a lens and a picture from her cell phone to create a primitive projector. It turned out to be up-side-down! Mirjam explained to students that lenses turn images upside down because of their shape - and the same is true of the lenses in our eyes. Our brain, however, is able to turn the images of things we see right side up! Fascinating!


Living in Iceland, volcanoes are an ever-popular natural phenomenon. In the past, we have made models of baking soda and vinegar and toured underground caves. To get us started in this exciting topic, students saw a mini volcano erupting under water.

IMirjam is a big fan of hands-on experiments and projects for all her students. The Science Club for older students (Fridays, Grades 5 and up) have been working with food and nutrition this semester, along with other topics. in one class, they made their own cheese! "By warming milk up to 45 degrees and lowering the pH by adding drops of vinegar, monomers will turn into polymers," Mirjam explains. Adding food colouring after that will get you green, yellow, red and blue cheese! Who knew? 


In the most recent class, students tested various fruit juices for the level of Vitamin C to see which might be healthiest. No matter what students are doing, their smiles show they are enjoying themselves! 

Science Club_edited.jpg
Art Club (New for Spring

Pencils and paints and crayons, oh my! Join Kirsten to explore the joy of art in a colorful explosion of creativity! Art Club is after school on Thursdays.


"All I do now on Thursdays is teach Art!" Kirsten says. "It´s wonderful!" 


This semester, Kirsten plans to focus on working with your hands to create many different types of art, including paintings, drawings, engravings, colorful prints and more!

We're having too much fun!

We don't want to go home!

Coding Club (Fall & Spring Semester)
Coding Club is taught by Beth on Mondays for Grade 4 and up. In collaboration with First Code Academy, students are App Jammers who make their own app for Android phones each week.  The goals of this program are to provide the leaders of tomorrow with the skills they need to master technology, regardless of their future career. We believe that computers and technology are not only great for communication and entertainment, but they are also tools for self-expression and creativity. 

Students will learn how to create several types of simple apps throughout the semester. Then, they will work to create their own app using the skills they have developed, which include using the internet and e-mail, editing photos and designing programs using 'block' commands.


The more advanced students, who completed several Basic and Intermediate apps during the Fall semester, are happy to try new things and create their own apps as they like.


Newcomers to Coding Club are getting started with the MIT App Inventor 2 program and are starting small with an app called HelloPurr. Program a button to play a kitten meow when pressed, and you are on your way! 

Students are having fun learning, helping each other, playing with silly sound effects and enjoying the company of other computer enthusiasts on Thursday afternoon.