Behavioral Expectations (School Rules)


Creating a safe and effective learning environment is the responsibility of everyone (staff, students, families) at the International School of Iceland. Our behavioral expectations (“school rules”) were developed by the staff and are intended to reflect the basic principles of Positive Discipline.


Nearly every expected and appropriate behavior fits within the following guidelines, which are discussed with students and staff at the beginning and throughout each school year.


International School of Iceland Community Guidelines


Respect Self

Respect Others

Respect Learning


  • Inappropriate behavior will be addressed in a respectful manner focusing on teaching the skills needed for every student to be a part of the school community consistent with Positive Discipline. Depending on the seriousness of the infraction, parents may be notified of a student’s problem behavior and be asked to sign a form, speak to the student, or come to a conference at the school.


  • For serious problems in which an extended calming down period is necessary for the student or the school, a student may be required to leave school early. The school does not consider this to be either punishment or a solution to the long-term problem. It is simply the first step before a conference can be held to create a plan to resolve the problem.


  • This policy is reviewed annually with staff, and the school actively teaches many forms of conflict resolution. Students take part in creating a class code of conduct.​


Conflict Resolution


Conflicts and disagreements are a normal and important part of any school community. Learning how to address conflict respectfully and effectively is important for all of us. The International School community encourages all its members to use conflict resolution strategies to resolve conflicts.


Students are taught conflict resolution strategies in each classroom. All school personnel are also trained in conflict resolution and will assist students as necessary in resolving problems in a non-threatening and effective manner. Students may also ask for assistance in resolving conflict with staff members using a staff mediator.