Here you can find more information about all the interesting activities for our staff, students and parents at ISI! You can also take a look at news and photos from our previous school year in the new School Archive

Explorers on a Hike!

April 25th, 2022

The Explorers Club and some ISI walking enthusiasts went on hike #2 to the mountain Ulfarsfell. Sunshine and smiles!


Easter Egg Hunt and Spring Break

April 8th, 2022

We thank the PTA for a great Easter Egg Hunt this year! 

We wish you all a wonderful Spring Break. School resumes on Tuesday, April 19th at 8:15 am.


Ski trip to Bláfjöll

April 8th, 2022

Sunshine and happy faces on our school-wide ski trip to the local ski area, Bláfjöll.  Outdoor education at its best!


Explorers Club

March 25th, 2022

A very popular after-school activity this semester has been Explorers Club. Students have learned to use a compass, build a fire, pitch a tent and much more! 


A visit from Geðlestin

March 25th, 2022

ISI students in grades 7-10 thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Geðlestin, an organization that supports mental health in youth. After an inspiring chat on the importance of managing one's mental health, Icelander rapper and hip hop artist Emmsjé Gauti entertained students. What a great surprise!


English - Little Red Riding Hood

March 23rd, 2022

Students in English Enrichment performed Little Red Riding Hood for parents and peers. 


It's been great to have parents back at school, now that restrictions have been lifted!



Art - Sunflowers, a Symbol of Peace

2nd of March 2022

ISI grade 9-10 students drew sunflowers in art class to show their solidarity with the people of Ukraine. The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine and a symbol of peace and optimism. 

🇺🇦 ❤️ ☮️


IPC - Marine Habitats

17th of February 2022

Marine habitats has been the focus of study in grades 3 and 4.  Students presented problems & solutions to other grades, in both English and Icelandic.  Well done Hraunfoss class!


Reading Buddies!

17th of February 2022

Reading to K-2 students was a fun experience for our IB MYP students in grades 7-8.  The younger ones clearly enjoyed hearing from their elder reading buddies!


IB MYP Consultation Visit

16th of February 2022

In February, ISI underwent our IB MYP Consultation Visit, an important step in our journey to becoming an IB authorized school. Here are students from grades 7-8 discussing their experiences in the program so far. We are proud of all the progress we have made towards reaching our goal!


Grades K-2 and 9-10 Collaborating

11th of February 2022

Grade 9-10 students are collaborating with K-2 to create their dream toys.  K-2 designed the prototypes and our Design students will bring them to life!


Teacher Appreciation Day

8th of October 2021

Thanks again to the wonderful PTA at ISI for a wonderful lunch on Teacher Appreciation Day! The staff really enjoyed it !


Goðafoss Autumn Adventure

7th of October 2021

On Friday 24th September, the students in 5th and 6th grade took a trip to Elliðaárstöð. There they got the chance to look at the old power station and see where electricity was produced from 1921 to 2018. Afterward, students ate lunch outside in the sunshine and played games in the forest. 


Electricity - This years first IPC unit 

7th of October 2021

The first IPC unit of the school year was about electricity in grades K-6. For the entry point, we invited the students to a party! One of the classrooms was transformed, with a stunning light show including, disco ball lights that rotate, novelty lights, mini-strobe lights, and thunder & electric light shows with the sound of disco music to make the experience dazzling!  


Summer is Here

10th of June 2021

ISI is now on summer break. School will resume with an opening ceremony on August 24th. The school calendar for 2021 - 2022 can be found on our home page. Those who need to contact the school over summer break can send an email to


The end of spring semester included fun activities and field trips for students and staff members.


K - 2 students went on a trip to Álftanes during homeroom day. They took the bus and stayed at the beach, exploring the area, even spotting lambs. The weather was great and as the photos below show, everybody had a good time.













Students from grades 3 - 4 visited Þjóðminjasafnið (National Museum of Iceland) during their homeroom day. The group took the bus with their teachers and at the museum they got the chance to learn about Icelandic society and history. Thereafter the group went downtown Reykjavík and had ice cream at Ingólfstorg.






















5th and 6th graders spent their homeroom day at Kópavogur swimming pool and nearby parks. After fun times in the pool they headed to Rútstún playground and jumped around on a huge trampoline next to Gerðarsafn.
















Our students from grades 7 - 8 voted to have a cozy day during homeroom day. They were generously invited to spend the day at Hanna Sirrý’s home where they played games, baked pizza buns and enjoyed each other's company. After lunch they had ice cream before heading back to school.



Overall this year has been full of learning opportunities, good times and big challenges. We are thankful for our amazing students and their families and look forward to seeing them again.

Summer Break is Here

Classes on the Move 

10th of June 2021

Classes have been on the move at the end of the school year!


In late May, grades 7 - 8 went on a 3 day trip to Akranes. The plan was to go to The Westman Islands but due to bad weather, a last minute change had to be made. Despite that, the trip was a huge success, with a visit to Guðlaug (a natural pool) and Langisandur beach being the highlights!


As these images show, the group had a great time!




Shortly before graduating, 10th graders embarked on a day of unknown experiences outside of school. They began with a tour of the Ocean Clusters House to learn about how the center is a world leader in ocean-related innovation. 


Fly Over Iceland was the next stop, to experience the simulated flight rides over both Iceland and Canada.  After lunch students hung out at Spilavinir, a board game store with a cozy space to play favorite games, such as Werewolf!  A varied day which gave students the chance to strengthen bonds and create memories. Thank you 10th graders!


Great Spring Trips

Guitars from the PTA

9th of June 2021

We at ISI are very fortunate to have such a great PTA (Parent-Teacher Association). Despite endless restrictions this year, the PTA managed to make life easier for us. Early this spring they generously donated 2 guitars to the school for our talented staff and students. The guitars have brought joy and a lot of singing to the school. To thank the parents for this amazing gift, we asked all classes to make a video of them using the guitars. The outcome is a 7-minute long video full of talent, singing, and joy. 




Gullfoss End-Of-Year Trip

4th of June 2021

Last week our students form 9th and 10t grade went on a four day end of year trip with two of their teachers. After taking off from school on Monday they headed to Geldingadalir to hike and see the volcanic eruption. Even though some students found the walk a bit hard they all made it to the top where the volcano greeted them with spectacular views. After visiting Geldingadalir the group drove to the nearby town of Grindavík where some found their inner child playing on a large outdoor trampoline. 


Next destination was Miðgarður Hotel in Hvolsvöllur, a small village in the southern part of Iceland. This would be the group's base for the next few days. One of the highlights of the trip, according to some, was the lasagna they had for dinner that night. After dinner the group had a relaxing time playing chess and video games. 


After having had breakfast at the hotel, the group headed to Sólheimajökull where a guided glacier walk was on the agenda. Students and teachers got crampons and ice axes before heading to the ice. The glacier was an impressive sight with its ancient ice and deep carvasses. The group also visited four waterfalls close to the glacier, among them both Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss. 


On day three the group headed to Þórsmörk nature reserve. An unique place in Iceland, Þórsmörk is a valley characterized by birch-covered hills, glacial rivers and  ice-capped peaks. The group went hiking and explored the area before heading back to Miðgarður for a karaoke night. The students were pleasantly surprised by their teacher's performance and enjoyed seeing a different side of them. 


Thursday came and it was time to pack and head home. Before the bus ride, the group went swimming and had ice cream. The students agreed that the trip had been highly enjoyable and what stood out the most for them were not the thrilling activities but the quality time, conversations and company of their fellow students. 


Below are some photos from the trip. 

Gullfoss End of Year Trip

Class Partnerships!

10th of May 2021


Grade 5-6 students presented their research drafts to grade 10 students in order to get feedback.


The older students were very encouraging and proved to be supportive and considerate role models for their younger peers.  Thank you to our soon-to-be graduates!


Class Partnerships

Making Volcanos in IPC

7th of May 2021


Tröllafoss students (k-2) have been studying "The Active Planet" in IPC. This week the students crafted small paper maché volcanos. When ready, the students and their teachers took the volcanos outside and made them erupt using baking soda, vinegar, red food colour and water.

As can bee seen the final results are spectacular! 



Enjoying the Good Weather

3rd of May 2021


As the days get longer and summer approaches, we find ourselves
spending more and more time outside!

As can be seen below our students are definitely enjoying the good weather. 


Enjoying the Good Weather

Spring Egg Hunt

23rd of April 2021


On April 21st, the day before the first day of summer in Iceland, our PTA organised a Spring Egg Hunt. Before the egg hunt began, the head of the PTA, Sigrún, announced that the school would receive two guitars as a gift from the PTA. We are very grateful and look forward to using the guitars with our students! 


Students from 9th and 10th grade helped with hiding eggs on school grounds. After members from the PTA had given all necessary instructions, students from grades k-8 started the search for eggs.


Each student found small eggs with goodies inside; they also got snacks, pencils and erasers. The Easter Bunny came for a visit and it was a highly enjoyable time for students, teachers and PTA members.


Spring Egg Hunt.jpg

Outdoor Education

16th of April 2021

Outdoor education has stared as an after-school club here at ISI. Last week students created a snow village and engaged in an exciting snowball fight, students vs. teachers! 

Below you can see images from this activity. At first students built their snowmen separately but then they came up with the idea of uniting them and making a family, so they moved them all together. Later on the snowmen were destroyed and used to make snowballs. 




Beint streymi frá fundi um líðan unglinga í Garðabæ - 7. apríl kl 20:00

7th of April 2021


Nýjar upplýsingar um hagi og líðan barnanna okkar. Upplýstir og virkir foreldrar eru besta forvörnin.

  • Margrét Lilja Guðmundsdóttir sérfræðingur hjá Rannsóknum og greiningu kynnir niðurstöður nýjustu könnunar á á högum og líðan grunnskólabarna í 8., 9., og 10. bekk. 
    Könnunin var framkvæmd í febrúar 2021 meðal nemenda í 5.-10. bekk í öllum skólum landsins. Í könnuninni er spurt um hegðun og líðan barnanna, notkun samfélagsmiðla og tölvuleikja, heilsu og líðan, svefn og klámnotkun. Skoða má niðurstöður könnunarinnar á landsvísu á vefnum

  • Fulltrúar frá Grunnstoð Garðabæjar (fulltrúar foreldrafélaga í grunnskólum Garðabæjar) segja í byrjun fundar frá grunnstoðinni og foreldrarölti sem er verið að setja af stað aftur í maí eftir nokkurra ára hlé.

Við hvetjum foreldra barna og ungmenna í Garðabæ til að þess að nýta þetta frábæra tækifæri til þess að fá upplýsingar um líðan barnanna okkar og hvað raunverulega er að gerast í umhverfinu okkar.

Bein útsending - hlekkur settur inn hér:

Fundurinn verður í beinu streymi hér á vef Garðabæjar og fésbókarsíðu Garðabæjar og foreldrar allra árganga grunnskólabarna og aðrir áhugasamir eru hvattir til að fylgjast með fundinum.  Hægt er að senda inn spurningar á meðan á fundinum stendur í gegnum fésbókarsíðu Garðabæjar. 



Dettifoss students visit "Vísindasmiðjan"

23of March 2021


On Wednesday, March 17th, the 7th-8th students of Dettifoss visited Vísindasmiðjan (The Science Lab) at the University of Iceland, where they learned both about space and participated in hands-on activities related to physics, music, chemistry, and the ways in which they are linked. 

As the images below show, our students seem to have enjoyed the visit. 




10th Grade Art Projects

12th of March 2021


Our eldest students in 10th grade recently completed an impressive project in Art. They made a One Point Perspective card board sculpture of a building in their community.

 s can be seen in the images below, the results are stunning.



Öskudagur and Winter Break

20th of February 2021


Last Wednesday our students and teachers celebrated "Öskudagur" (Ash Wednesday). Various creatures, celebrities and colourful characters could be seen at school, who all seemed to be having a lot of fun. 

All our groups spent the morning with their homeroom teachers who had planned enjoyable activities with their students. They played games, listened to music, danced and admired each others costumes. 

After morning snack k-4 students went around school grounds where our staff members had set up 9 stations manned by staff members or older students. Students would sing or complete other tasks such as telling an Icelandic joke and receive candy in return. It is safe to say that all participants, both students and grown ups, enjoyed this activity. 

School was over at 11:30 on Wednesday but Thursday and Friday were regular school days. On Friday winter break began and school will resume again on March 1st. 

We sincerely hope  that all our students and staff members will enjoy the break. 

Öskudagur and Winter Break.heic

Name Sculptures in 3D

16th of February 2021


Our students are always working on ambitious projects in Art. Recently 6th and 7th grade completed these 3D name sculptures under the guidance of Kirsten, our art teacher. They had to design their own name using different fonts, fill in each letter with interesting design and finally arrange theim into a 3D name sculpture. 

As can be seen below the final outcome is very impressive. 


Facial Expressions

8th of February 2021


Our Tröllafoss (K-2) students have been studying how we use our senses to experience the world around us. Students explored the sense of sight by practicing different facial expressions showing emotions using a mirror. They then used a photograph of their favourite expression to create a clay self portrait.

Below are some examples of the final outcome. 


Human Rights School

1st of February 2021

ISI has won the title of a Human Rights School for the third time. Our students have been awarded for writing the highest number of letters per student. 


They will be rewarded with online concert and fund time with the singer Jón Jónsson, later this month. 

We are all really pround of our students and are sure that their effort will make a difference. 


After School Clubs Start Again

19th of January 2021

As the covid situation has improved in Iceland, we are slowly going back to "normal", and that includes after-school activities.  We will start with re-introducing Homework Club and a new club, called Vikings - friends or foe?  Soon to start:  Chinese, Conversational Icelandic and Outdoor Education.   


ISI Seeks a Homeroom Teacher

18th of January 2021

The applicant must be an experienced elementary/primary teacher and a native English speaker. Experience as a homeroom teacher in an international school setting is preferred. Our school year runs from mid-August to mid-June. 



  • A Bachelor's or Master's degree in an educational field.

  • Prior experience teaching and working with school-aged students.

  • English as a native language.


What we seek:

  • An encourager who recognizes the power and potential within all students.

  • A life-long learner who strives to improve his or her craft and is open to feedback.

  • A problem-solver who approaches challenges with solutions in mind.

  • A proactive communicator who reaches out to students, families and colleagues.

If you are interested and meet the requirements, please submit your resume and cover letter to - subject “Homeroom Teacher 2021-22”.  Please note that the successful applicant needs to be a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA). References and a clean criminal record are required.


Learning About Forces

8th of January 2021

Over the next few weeks, Goðafoss class will be following an IPC unit of work that focuses on the theme of ‘Forces’. We began the unit with a tug-of-war (the Entry Point) to demonstrate the force of friction and gravity!


Message in a Bottle

5th of January 2021

In early 2018, a group of students in grades 3-4 ended a Pirate theme by throwing a message out to sea from the shores of Garðabær. On December 29th 2020, that message was found by a couple in Notre-Dame de Monts, France. The bottle has therefore been travelling for over 30 months. The couple reached out to the school and sent these images that they gave us permission to post. Our students, now in grades 5-6, were both astonished and delighted to hear the news!


Happy New Year

4th of January 2021

School starts again today, January 4th. We hope that our students and their families have had an enjoyable holiday. Our teachers and other staff members are looking forward to a new semester full of learning potential with our students. We all hope that this new semester will not be highly affected by Covid restrictions.

It is well worth mentioning that right before Christmas break Dettifoss students finished writing letters for Write for Rights (see last post). They ended up writing 261 letters as a part of this important campaign.


Below are some images from the last day of school before the break, where our youngest students can be seen having a cosy classroom Christmas. 


Write For Rights

11th of December 2020

ISI has been taking part in the annual Amnesty International campaign, Write for Rights since 2015.


During the last 2 weeks of the fall term, students are introduced to some of the cases in the Write for Rights campaign. They “meet the people” and get to know and understand the  Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Every year, during this campaign, students have signed cards of support, sign and show support online, and written many, many letters to the people and governments highlighted each year.

This year, due to covid, we will not be signing the cards but there will still be plenty of letter writing and the chance to show support online. 

In the 7th-10th grade, we are only 43 students so any family or friend who wants to join us can sign at   


For the last 2 years, ISI has been acknowledged as a Human Rights School for collecting the most signatures per student. So if you do decide to join us please make sure you tick the box that asks: Skrá mig í skólakeppnina and then use the drop-down menu to find  Alþjóðaskólinn á Íslandi. Then your signatures will be counted along with our handwritten letters. Additionally, this year 2 of our students were invited to take part in a short video explaining the campaign in Icelandic.

The campaign is open until 31st December and Pam will be collecting and delivering the Letters to Amnesty Int. during the first week in January. There are some students who have already expressed an interest in writing letters during the Christmas recess.

ISI Takes Part in Write for Rights

Ice Fishing

9th of December 2020

The cold weather was perfect for Goðafoss class (grades 5-6) in one of their recent STEAM lessons - they went "ice fishing"!

They looked at the reactions that salt has on ice - first the salt melted the ice, before re-freezing it! They used this experiment to "catch" ice-cubes. Six was the most ice-cubes caught in one go!

Ice Fishing

Yule Lads Visit ISI 

7th of December 2020

Here at ISI we are steadily getting in the holiday spirit. Last Thursday we got a visit from a couple of Icelandic Yule Lads, Gluggagægir and Hurðaskellir. Even though the vice principal tried to follow them to let them behave, she had no control over them peeping on windows and banging doors back. Unlike our vice principal, the students were happy and excited to see the yule lads.

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 20.38.01.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 20.39.10.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 20.39.42.png

Epic Poems 

poems 2.jpg
Epic Poems

2nd of December 2020

Students in grades 5-6 have been exploring myths & mythology in English, Icelandic and IPC.  This cross-curriculum approach encourages students to deepen their learning by making connections between subjects.  In English class, students read an adapted version of Beowulf and wrote their own epic poems, which they proudly presented to their classmates.  

Creative Minds in K-2

27th of November 2020

Our students in K-2 have been working on some pretty cool artwork recently. When learning about Thanksgiving traditions and history they crafted these colourful little turkeys. 


















In Þórsmörk, we now have hot air balloon artwork, decorating the wall next to our staircase. This is also the work of K-2. As can be seen on the images below their design includes a little portrait of the students so it looks as they are flying around in their hot air balloon. 



Gingerbread Decoration

25th of November 2020

The organisers of our after school program, Sælukot, always come up with something fun for our youngest students. Due to Covid restrictions ISI students are not able to attend Sælukot in Sjálandsskóli as usual. Instead our staff members, Agla Bríet and Laura, host Sælukot in an ISI classroom.


This week we had a staff day on Tuesday and a few students spent their day in Sælukot. One of the activities was gingerbread decoration. Though christmas are still a month away we are starting to get in the holiday spirit. It is safe to say that our students had a lot of fun!


Amazing Self Portraits

17th of November 2020

Our students in 3rd and 4th grade have been working on these amazing self portraits. As can be seen these portraits feature a 3D effect. It looks like the students are blowing a pink gum bubble. Working on this design provided the students with an opportunity to be creative and learn about 3D at the same time. 


Pursuing authorization as an IB World School

13th of November 2020

It is safe to say that there are exciting times ahead at ISI. 

We are pleased to announce that ISI is pursuing authorization as an IB World School. IB World Schools share a common philosophy and a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education. ISI is now a candidate school for the Middle Years Program, the MYP. 


Further information about the IB can be found here:


Designing Marble Mazes

28th of May, 2020

Students in grades 3-5 thoroughly enjoyed testing their final products in Design. Working as a group, the students set out to learn how to design and create a marble maze with given materials on hand, such as cardboard, popsicle sticks, and empty paper-towel rolls. This required cooperation, patience, and a growth mindset. Well done, students!

Shoe Design

19th of May, 2020:

In Art, the 7th Graders got to design their own shoes. The creative use of colors is mesmerizing!


Home Learning Talent Show

5th of May, 2020:

During Home Learning, an English assignment in grades 4-5 was to share their talents. In the video below, you can see some of the wonderful talents of this class called Goðafoss!

Staying Connected with Our

Students via Home Learning

27th of April, 2020

Last week, students had a few projects during their home learning sessions that are worth sharing the results of. 6th and 7th graders participated in a "Landmark Project" in Math, where they had to choose a famous landmark and build it in LEGOs or other building materials they had around the house. They then measured the size of their model and compared its scale to the original. Other students in Science were studying ecosystems and biomes. The students were to build a shoe-box ecosystem and could pick any biome they wished; i.e. a rainforest, desert, polar region, etc. The instructions were to include ten biotic factors and use what they had at home to demonstrate them in the display. For High School Math, some students worked on blueprints in Geometry and were to make a mathematical sketch for a design of their own choosing. From that design, they made a final product. One student knitted a hat, and another made a flower pot from concrete. You can see some lovely examples of all of these works below in the pictures.

Shoe-box ecosystem project (3 Apr 2020 a
Screenshot 2020-04-24 at 12.50.51.png
Screenshot 2020-04-24 at 12.50.28.png
Screenshot 2020-04-24 at 12.52.00.png

Creative Spring Events

by the PTA at ISI

12th of April, 2020

The PTA hosted a "2020 Social Distancing Bunny Wave Drive-By" to help brighten students days. Families were able to drive by with their children to see and wave to the Easter Bunny from a good distance. Kids were very happy to see the Easter Bunny and some showed the pictures they colored for the bunny and also took pictures from their cars. This offered a quick family car ride to break up the day and bring a little joy, while keeping a social distance from others. A special thanks go out to our Easter Bunny - a volunteer parent!


The PTA also sponsored a virtual Easter egg hunt by encouraging children to color paper eggs and submit them electronically to the PTA. The PTA then compiled the eggs received and created a  virtual egg hunt. Students could then look to see if they could find and count the hidden eggs and bunnies in the collage, and those who submitted eggs could look for their own as well. The visual virtual egg hunt compilation was thanks to the artistic work of one of our talented PTA board members, Sue Erbeck.  Look below to see a copy of the beautiful collage.


The PTA also put together a few videos which they shared with ISI parents. Thanks to one of our regular sponsors - the owner of Hidden People, Gem King: a small, creative Icelandic local business - the PTA was able to put together a special holiday surprise video starring the ISI Easter Bunny visiting various places in Iceland, including the school, with a nice message. The video features the ISI Bunny, acted out by one of the ISI 6th grade students, Owen Thor Halldorsson. The message from the ISI Bunny is that, although we may not be able to see some friends or relatives at this time, we can always visit them through the magic of technology - as the ISI Bunny has done via this video.


In addition, there is an educational demo video to help remind kids of the importance of washing their hands. A long version to be shared with parents will also include a young ISI student and his sister with bunny masks showing what they learned from the ISI bunny, thanks to ISI board member, Hiroe Terada, on the ISI Parents Facebook page just in time for the holiday. The PTA hopes these various activities bring joy to students and their families during this unique 2020 April Holiday Break.

PTA Easter Egg Hunt 3-7 2-1.jpg

Staying Connected with Our

Students via Home Learning

29th of March, 2020

During the past few weeks, the students and teachers at ISI have been using home learning methods to stay connected and keep classes on track. The teachers have been getting pretty creative in trying to maintain student engagement and enthusiasm. Below, you'll find a few examples of some of the things they have been doing.

-Top Center: A group of happy students and their teacher having math class online!

-Bottom Left: A mock trailer showing how much the students are missed (and how crazy the teachers can go without them). Click the image to watch.

-Bottom Right: Teachers checking in with their students by putting out a morning message, accompanied with The Plank Challenge! Click the image to watch.

Screenshot 2020-03-25 at 12.15.18.png
Screenshot 2020-03-25 at 12.15.18.png

ISI Thanks Sushma Yenge and the Indian Embassy of Reykjavik

27th of February, 2020

ISI wishes to express its gratitude to the Indian Embassy of Reykjavik, as well as Sushma Yenge. For the past two years, we have been able to infuse stretching and breathing classes into our curriculum, courtesy of the Indian Embassy. Students learned many mindful and relaxing techniques from their wonderful instructor. Takk fyrir okkur, Sushma!


It's a jungle in there!

4th of February, 2020

The theme is "rainforests" in our IPC class at the moment, and the jungle is creeping in! The students are eager to come to class each morning to see what has sneaked in to the ever-growing scene. More information on our IPC classes can be found by clicking here.


Students Participate in Amnesty International's Annual "Write for Rights" Campaign

19th of December, 2019

Each year, Amnesty International - an international organization promoting and working to enforce human rights - hosts a "Write for Rights" campaign. For the campaign, people are encouraged to write to officials and heads of government on behalf of people whose human rights have been violated. ISI students in grades six through ten have participated for a few years now during the month of December. This year, the theme of the cases for the campaign centered around ten young people from across the world.

From the roughly fifty students at ISI that were in the participating grade levels, more than a thousand submissions were created. This includes writing formal letters to those in power, personal letters of support to those who have had their human rights violated (or their families), and signing postcards.

Near the end of the campaign, the head of Iceland's branch of Amnesty International, Vala, came to visit the class and receive all the submissions from the students. This is always a powerful experience for both teachers and students alike!


Holiday Family Fun Night

December, 2019

Over the past five years, the ISI PTA has hosted the annual Holiday Family Fun Night, where ISI families get to participate in creating holiday crafts, enjoy hot homemade soups, and eat delicious fresh-baked goods. The night of the event features a visit from a traditional Icelandic Yule Lad - one of the 13 in Iceland - who greets children and gives them candy as a treat. ISI parents support the event by helping with crafts and donating their time, or by preparing delicious goods to be eaten. This year's event included a raffle for prizes, where over 60 prizes were won - all provided as gracious donations from various local Icelandic businesses, artists, authors, and publishers. The high school students also took the opportunity to raise funds at the event for their upcoming annual trip abroad. This school year, they are going to Edinburgh, Scotland. In addition, the middle and high school students put their recent STEAM project works on display. The projects were tied to recreating famous examples of architectural masterpieces that inspired the students. The high school group also discussed their current involvement in Amnesty International's "Write for Rights" campaign, showing those in attendance at the event how they themselves could participate in one of the world's largest human rights projects!


"Read-for-a-Dog" Event

7th of December, 2019

The Garðabær Library has a number of reading programs on offer, including "Read-for-a-Dog" in the month of November. As we have so many dog fans in the house, we decided to offer this in Þórsmörk during the month of December. Ten-year-old Eve listened to students read this week and looks forward to hearing more!

dog 2_edited.jpg

Colorful Corn Folk Art Project

26th of November, 2019

This week, students in 8th and 9th grade got to participate in making art with a cultural context. They studied rainbow, or Native American corn, then turned their ideas into these colorful aquarell paintings below. The lessons focused on close observation, composition, contour line drawing on the shape of the cob, highlighting with a wax-resistant technique to achieve the glossy look of the kernels, and watercolor paints, using a random color scheme to achieve the colorful kernels. Lastly, the students learned about the importance of backgrounds in paintings, making color choices that don't overpower the corn in the foreground.

Corn Art 3.jpg
Corn Art 2.jpg
Corn Art 4.jpg
Corn Art 1.jpg

4th and 5th Grade

Island Narrative Project

20th of November, 2019

Currently, students in grades four and five are reading an island adventure in class, as well as writing their own island narratives. The enthusiasm for the project has been sensational and has emboldened the class spirit with lots of enthusiasm. Recently, a 4th grade student started his day with, “Good morning, and when can we start writing?” Statements such as this sure are music to a teacher’s ears!


17 Students from Hong Kong Visit ISI

6th of November, 2019

On the 6th of November, 17 high school students from the Gertrude Simon Lutheran College in Hong Kong visited the 8th-10th grade students at ISI. Over about a three hour period, the students from Hong Kong hosted a series of cultural breakout sessions, activities, and lessons that the ISI students could cycle through and participate in. The goal was to provide space for a valuable cultural exchange between the student groups and promote global connections, staying true to ISI's message of inclusion and diverse learning experiences. Two of our own students, Pratham and Eythor, conducted a presentation on the general life and culture of Iceland to the whole group, highlighting Iceland's unique language, history, and culture. The Hong Kong group came with some of their teachers and their school's principal, who gifted a school banner to our Principal Hanna. The eight workshops the visiting students hosted included expositions on everyday life in Hong Kong, trying on traditional Hong Kong dress, a lesson in Cantonese calligraphy, and making local Hong Kong sweets. Both student groups established deep connections and gained a lot from their sharing of cultural experiences.


World Teacher Appreciation Day, 2019

4th of October, 2019

This year, for World Teacher Appreciation Day on the 4th of October, ISI's amazing Parent-Teacher Association gifted all of the teachers with personalized water bottle thermoses, provided delicious cakes, and shared many kind words. On behalf of the teachers at ISI: Thank you, Parent-Teacher Association, for making us feel very appreciated and making the school a warmer, more wonderful experience for everyone involved!

IMG_5994 3.jpg

Autumn Adventures

4th of October, 2019

The annual "Autumn Adventure" made links between school studies on the UN's Global Goals and real-world action. To begin, the students in grades 8-10 took part in the climate protest outside the Icelandic parliament on the 4th of October, 2019. After making a suitable contribution, students took off for a scavenger hunt around the town. Then, it was back to school for a pot luck and playing games together.

A Reader's Theatre About the Boston Tea Party
27th of September, 2019

This September, grades 8-10 led their own "reader's theatre" project about the Boston Tea Party as part of a hands-on learning activity in their humanities class. The students had lots of fun while learning - a goal we always hope to accomplish at ISI. Some future professional actors may have been born of this moment as well...

A Gift for Our School
May 9, 2019

Today, students in 1st grade where gifted bicycle helmets. The local Kiwanis organization, in collaboration with Eimskip, provides these helmets to encourage bicycle safety for our students.

Everyone was happy with their new helmets and we would like to thank Kiwanis and Eimskip for this generous gift!

7th Grade Students Compete in Stóra upplestrakeppni 
March 28, 2019

We are proud of our 7th grade students and their Icelandic teacher, Hanna Sirrý, for taking part in the Stóra upplestrakeppni (The Big Reading Competition), a competition in which students read aloud in Icelandic, using their finest speaking skills.


Two of our students read, one was prepared to step in if needed, and one awed the audience with his talented violin performance. Congratulations to you all!

Allur hópur.jpeg
ISI Receives Human Rights School 2018 Award
March 14, 2019

We are honoured to announce that ISI has received an award, Human Rights School 2018, for their contributions to the Write for Rights campaign - be sure to stop by our Photo Gallery if you haven't seen photos from that event last fall! Click here to read more about what it means to be a Human Rights Friendly School

Amnesty International representative Vala Bergsveinsdóttir presented the award and thanked ISI students for their efforts. Congratulations to our students and the teachers who inspire them!


Heading 1


Special Performance by Ásta Dóra

On Friday, March 1, one of our students, Ásta Dóra, gave a special performance on Norwegian radio. She was one of two musicians that the program featured on the National Radio Station NRK (P2) in Norway. 


Click the piano or music note above to hear the music. Ásta Dóra comes in after about 35 minutes, right after the jazz recording that they used while the first musician was leaving and Ásta Dóra was entering the studio.

Ásta Dóra is a 6th grade student at ISI. She is attending a piano school in Oslo called Barratt Due Musikkinstitutt.

Congratulations to Ásta Dóra! 


ISI Clean Up Day: September 14

The high school students & teachers took part in World Clean Up Day on September 14 (a day earlier than the rest of the world, which cleaned up on September 15!). 

We took time to enjoy the weather and clean up the school surroundings. Students collected more than 25 bags of rubbish, most of it plastic.  Plastic is one of the greatest threats to our oceans and seas today!


A Special Visitor:

January 17, 2019

Icelandic Minister of Education Visits Our Students
January 17, 2019

The Icelandic Minister of Education, Lilja Alfreðsdóttir, chatted with students and passed on sage advice when she visited our school on January 17.  

We were delighted with her visit as well as proud to share our accomplishments and challenges. Future housing was an especially pertinent topic, as ISI looks toward building its own premises in the near future.  

PTA Celebrates ISI Staff on World Teacher Day!
October 5, 2018

ISI celebrated World Teacher Appreciation Day on Friday, October 5, in collaboration with Sjálandsskóli and the ISI PTA.


The ISI Parent Teacher Association recognized this day by celebrating the hard work of ISI teachers and staff with a gift to all ISI staff members. As ISI is a green school and teaches students about the importance of the environment and being environmentally conscious, the PTA thought it appropriate to provide each staff member with an eco-friendly cotton tote bag with the ISI logo to use in carrying school supplies or for other uses. Along with the ISI tote bag, there was a small key chain for cleaning or holding a smart phone, and a small message.

Teacher Day 1.JPG

In addition, the parents supplied a buffet of food for the staff of both ISI and Sjálandsskóli of cheeses, breads, deli meats, cookie and brownies to complement the celebratory cake which was provided by Sjálandsskóli.


The heads of both school's welcomed teachers and expressed their appreciation at the mid-morning break prior to enjoying cake and the buffet of delicious food which was supplied in both school buildings for staff to enjoy.


Parent volunteers and board members, Sigrun Boatwright, Benoit Chéron, Karólina Hreiðarsdóttir, Hiroe Terada and Laurie Wilkins joined in the celebration, stopping by to hand out the gifts to appreciative staff.

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Our Students at Reykjavik's 3rd Annual Peace Conference
October 2018

Our grade 8-10 students in Gullfoss class attended the Höfði Reykjavik Peace Centre’s International Conference on October 10, 2018. The Imagine Forum: Youth on the Move was held at the University of Iceland.

Students were fortunate to hear inspirational speakers, such as JJ Bola, a poet and writer, as well as speeches from experts in the field of refugee issues.  At the culmination of their day they took part in small groups of conference attendees and certainly held their own in the conversation whose main question was "How can young people address and improve the situation for young reugees?"

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ISI Students Kick Off
a New Year ...
with DEAR! 
September 2018

DEAR is one of our favorite times of day at ISI! DEAR (which stands for Drop Everything and Read) is a great way to get both staff and students reading. A DEAR session consists of getting the whole school to stop, drop what they are doing, and to read, for pleasure, for 20 minutes.

In the photos above, we can see that Drekafoss and Tröllafoss classes have been working on building up their Reading Stamina in DEAR after lunch recess!

Silent reading helps brain function more effectively and has many benefits including improved vocabulary, communication skills, and better fluency in understanding material. Find out more about this program on the official DEAR website

It also helps students become lifetime readers by showing them that everyone can enjoy a few minutes of relaxation with a good book. We believe in this program so much at ISI that we do it nearly every day - as often as we can!