School & Community Links


The International School believes in strong ties between the school and the community. Below, you'll find links to clubs and organizations which contribute to our multicultural diversity and help us achieve our goals as a leader in international education.


Sjálandsskóli is the sister school which generously houses 9th and 10th grade and provides access to all common areas such as the gym and pool. Sælukot is an after-school program which is held within Sjálandsskóli and run by the city of Garðabær.

School Lunches
(Hot Lunch)

If you would like to sign your child up for school lunches, find the registration form here (Icelandic language ONLY). You can pay for hot lunch for your student at the school or at the Skólamatur website.

(After School Program)

The sign-up information for Saelukot can be found here (Icelandic language ONLY). Berglind, who heads the after-school program, can be contacted at the number and e-mail below.  Check the link for pricing information.



Berglind Pétursdottir








Kl. 14:10-17:15

Every work day

Educational Links

In this section, we would like to share with you some of the best educational websites we know and love. All materials are in English unless otherwise indicated. All websites are free to use, but some require you to create an account with username and password.


If we´ve missed something good, please send us your suggestions using the form below.


Have fun and learn with joy!

General (For children of all ages, across many subjects):


Kiddle (Google Kids Search Engine) 

Khan Academy

Menntamálastofnun (Icelandic language only)

PBS Kids

Schools World

Fun Brain (Math and Reading games)

IXL (Math and English Language Arts practice) 






Art Institute of Chicago Curious Corner 

Destination: Modern Art (Age 10 and up)


English & Reading:


Starfall ABCs (Age 5-7)

Oxford Owl (Age 5 and up)

ABCya (Age 5 and up)

Into the Book 


Highlights Kids 

Storyline Online 

UNESCO Reykjavik: City of Literature

Roald Dahl Museum Official Site




Math Blaster (Age 11 and up)




National Geographic Kids

NASA Kids´ Club

Switch Zoo