Physical Education


Physical Education (PE) Program


Physical education classes focus on the development of fine motor skills, working on the students´ hand-eye coordination and increasing their stamina and endurance through a variety of games and activities.


Each class begins with a warm up, followed by a team or individual physical activity, then a cool down section at the end with some form of stretching or class discussion.


Team activities include: football, dodgeball, kickball, handball, ultimate frisbee, baseball, and capture the flag.


Individual activities include: obstacle course, circuit training, extended stretching and yoga, and various forms of tag and other chase games that students enjoy.


Team building group activities such as use of the parachute and helping a blind-folded partner through a obstacle course help the students develop teamwork and communication skills.


Physical Education is taught once a week. Additionally, the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) has set PE objectives in numerous IPC work units.


Swimming Program


Swimming classes focus on the development of basic swimming skills, making students comfortable in the water, and increasing their stamina and endurance in the water by working with a variety of swimming strokes.


Each class, depending on age and grade, focuses on strokes and technique necessary to swim freestyle, breast stroke, single arm backstroke, and two arm backstroke. Class begins with a warm up activity, followed by stroke explanation and lap time, where the students build muscle memory and improve their form, technique and endurance.


An activity is usually played at the end, such as Marco Polo, Sharks and Minnows and various games of tag. With the older students we also discuss survival techniques and work on treading water.