Positive Discipline at ISI


The International School is proud to incorporate the methodology of Positive Discipline as developed by Jane Nelsen. Positive Discipline promotes a positive attitude toward children and teaches self-discipline, personal responsibility, and interpersonal skills through principles of kindness, encouragement, and mutual respect.


In a Positive Discipline School, adults strive to: 


  • Understand that the quality of relationships and school climate are absolutely critical to successful student learning.

  • Seek to establish strong meaning and connection for students and staff in social and academic contexts.

  • Implement principles of mutual respect and encouragement.

  • Focus on long term solutions to misbehavior at individual, class and school wide levels.

  • View mistakes as opportunities to learn and misbehavior as opportunities to practice critical life skills.

  • Question the tradition of adult control, rewards and punishments.


Class Meetings at ISI


Initially, class meetings were called during class time, as needed. In 2008, PD received its own place in the class schedule; meetings are now held daily after the lunch-recess break and are approximately 20 minutes in length.


Goals of Class Meetings


Many positive goals can be accomplished through class meetings. The main goals of meetings are: to give gratitude, to solve problems, to help each other and to plan activities. Though the class meeting, teachers are relieved of assuming the role of judge, jury and executioner. Meetings are also an opportunity for teachers to get to know their students and to create quality time.