The Team at ISI

Get to know the teachers and staff at the International School of Iceland! We come from many countries and backgrounds, but together we are a team! Since our beginning in 2004, the International School of Iceland has searched out the best qualified, most passionate teachers to support our students and build the school of our dreams. Click the pictures to read about each team member! 

Hanna Hilmarsdóttir, Principal
Berta Faber, Curriculum & Instruction, Special Projects
Mirjam de Waard, Math, Science & 
STEAM Teacher
Áróra Gunnarsdóttir, Language & Learning Support
Elísa Ósk Línadóttir,
Vice Principal
Hafdís Helgadóttir, Teacher
Pamala Hansford, Teacher & Head of High School
Kirsten Kummerfeld, P.D. Coordinator & Homeroom Teacher
Arnór Jónsson, Homeroom Teacher
Christopher Bower, Teacher
Ólafur Schram, Music Teacher
Hanna Sirrý Couper Ragnarsdóttir,
Homeroom Teacher
Ella Budzinski, Learning Specialist & Support Coordinator
Lára Stefánsdóttir,
Homeroom Teacher & Intern Coordinator
Lucy Averell, Homeroom Teacher (Maternity Leave)