Middle School Program


During a meeting on February 3, 2015, the International School of Iceland's (ISI) School Board approved the motion to add grade 8 in the 2015-2016 school year, addding grade 9 in the 2016-2017 school year. Grade 10 as will be added soon as is feasible. The move to expand the school has been a long term goal for ISI, as can be seen in the history of the school.


The new grades are included in the accreditation process, ensuring they are up to international standards.  As stated in ISI's membership acceptance letter from The Council of International Schools (February 2015), ISI will “develop a viable plan, together with the resources needed, to carry out ISI's wish to extend into 8th through 10th grades.”


The program will provide a smooth transition to the IB program offered at MH  for those looking for an English-only education.  For students in the Bilingual Stream, the goal is to keep their options open so that they can continue in a secondary school where the language of instruction is either Icelandic or English.


ISI's new Middle School Program will model other recognized international schools' programs. There are 8 required subject groups with an optional language C.  The program will be taught in English and Icelandic.


In 2015, ISI received financial support for our new Middle School Program in the form of a  2.5 million ISK grant from the Icelandic Chamber of Commerce. Learn more here.