Language Opportunities


Many of our parents have expressed interest in accessing more language-learning opportunities in Iceland and online. Being an international school, we can hear several languages throughout our day and always encourage our students to discover more.


Take a look at the items below and let us know if we have missed anything by using the form at the bottom of the page to alert us to new resources!

Learning Icelandic

Icelandic Online


The Icelandic Online program is free after signing up and higher levels of the site put people in touch with a tutor who will give feedback on their work. Some Icelandic language courses at the University of Iceland use it in combination with workbook exercises (e.g. self-study courses). 




This collection of iPad apps is mostly free. Simple games for young learners or those just beginning their journey with Icelandic make it a little easier with colorful pictures and easy activities.


Tin Can Factory


The Tin Can Factory loves to explore culture. They have a Language School ( where you can learn languages such as Icelandic and Spanish, but also activities and outings involving history, culture and food culture. Online classes are also available for those with tight schedules!


Other Languages



This site specializes in language programs  in a variety of European and Asian languages. The courses are designed to get students using a foreign language as quickly as possible with a focused program of study rather than memorization of lists and phrases.




Duolingo is a free online learning service from Google. They are constantly growing and currently feature more than 20 languages, including French, German, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.




Moðurmál is a community program designed for children of all ages to practice their native tongue and make friends in a fun environment. Since its beginnings, Móðurmál has grown to include 19 language groups such as English, French, Korean, Swedish and Thai. 

The Mother Tongue Association has always been an organization close to our hearts at ISI. Berta, our Head of Academics, was project manager and a teacher there. Pam, our English teacher, was once a teacher and Treasurer. Ann, our Administrative Assistant also taught there and was Secretary. Beth, our IT Coach, taught English classes to the youngest students for 1 year. Another staff member, Lucy, was a teacher there and head of the English program. 

Nordic Languages



The Language Square is an online platform, connected to teaching and learning languages ​​and multicultural education. It is a forum for all schools and educational organizations, and has implications for so many groups of language teachers, administrators, parents and students.

Resources for Parents

Multilingual Parenting


This blog is a favorite of Berta's, our Head of Curriculum Development. It was founded in 2012 by Rita Rosenback to offer support and advice for families with more than one language. Rita is the mother of two multilingual daughters and has an extensive experience in working with bilinguals. 

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