Parent-Teacher Association of ISI


We have a terrific group of parents who work with students and staff to achieve our goals. Find information about them below, including current board members, the Articles of Association which sets forth their goals and duties, and past meeting minutes and newsletters.

 PTA Chairperson Sigrún Boatwright

2021-2022 PTA Board​

Sigrun Boatwright, Chairperson

Chris McClure, Vice Chairperson

 Tanja Johanna P. Wohlrab-Ryan, Treasurer

Damaris Wawira Kariuki

Zuzana Rutenberg

Samuel Fontes Perrella* &

Signý Valbjörg Sigurþórsdóttir*

Aleksandra Savlova

Elísa Ósk Línadóttir, Teacher Representative


*Alternating members


Benoit Chéron

Nína Halldórsdóttir

Grunnstoð Representatives:


Ingimar Ingimarsson

(Supported by: Ellen Gudlaugsdottir* &

Kriselle Suson Jonsdóttir*)

Class Representatives

Grades (K-2): 

Chris McClure, Samuel Fontes Perrella & Signý Valbjörg Sigurþórsdóttir  


Grade 3-4: 

Michelle Zong & Courtney Kemps

Grades (5-6):

Chris McClure & Caroline Chéron


Grades (7-8): 

Maria-Mirabela Bogatu


Grades (8-10):  

Caroline Chéron

Articles of Association

These Articles of Association were accepted at the General Meeting of the Parent-Teacher Association on September 22nd, 2021.


Articles of Association


Latest Update: September 2021


Find out what the PTA has been up to lately!

October 2021

August 2021

Newsletters from previous years:

PTA member and former vice-Chair Liz Lay participates in the Ice Bucket Challenge in August 2014.

The PTA regularly fundraises for the school, as they did here when they donated funds to the annual ISI upperclass trip in 2016!

Looking for Meeting Minutes from the latest PTA meeting? Find them here.

Special Announcement

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