School Photo Gallery

Here you'll find many photos from the 2018-2019 school year! 

Be sure to take a look at the Archive photo galleries to see how ISI has celebrated learning in previous school years! 


Easter Egg Hunt 2019

Easter was celebrated in Iceland during a long weekend, April 18-22. To get in on all the springtime fun, our phenomenal Parent-Teacher Association once again helped organize an Easter egg hunt! 

Students lined up with their egg baggies and then they were off to find the hidden treasure! Meanwhile, parents and staff helped themselves to coffee and treats while students investigated their goodies. 

As always, the Easter Bunny himself stopped by to say hello! 

2015 Solar Eclipse

On Friday, March 20, Iceland witnessed a solar eclipse so rare that there has not been another one like it for 60 years! School children thoughout the city were provided with special space-age viewing glasses to see this incredible phenomenon. Don´t they look cool?


Our Science teacher, Mirjam, was especially thrilled to be able to share this with our students. We were incredibly lucky to get good weather with very little cloud cover as well. What an experience! 


ISI Annual Ski Trip 2019

On Friday, March 29, ISI made its way to Bláfjöll Ski Resort, which is located a half hour's drive from Reykjavik.

Bláfjöll is very popular with tourists as well as Icelanders and is especially known for its spectacular views and varied landscapes.


Everyone who attended enjoyed the day mightily due to blue skies and smooth slopes! Just look at those smiles! 


Ash Wednesday Fun at ISI

Iceland has many fun traditions in the lead up to the spiritual holiday of Lent. In addition to Bolludagur, where Icelanders young and old tuck into cream buns, there is Öskudagur, called "Ash Wednesday" in English.

Some call it "Icelandic Halloween," as students have fun dressing up in costume and singing for treats. To top it off, it is a half day of school! 

Could this holiday BE any more fun? Which costume is your favorite? 


Harry Potter and STEAM at ISI

Two days of Harry Potter-themed STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art & Math) activities were a great way to kick-start the new year at ISI. 

Groups of students designed plans, purchased materials and created solutions to various challenges:  Voldemort´s boat had to make it to the castle, towers needed to be built and spider webs created -  Bowtruckles from Fantastic Beasts even magically appeared!

Ice Skating in Reykjavík! 

To celebrate the winter season, our high school and 7th grade students took a field trip to do some ice skating and say hello to the new lighted statue of the famous Christmas Cat, who will eat you if you are not wearing new clothes on Christmas! 

Students were thrilled to hit the ice under the twinkling lights of the skating rink at Ingólfstorg, which traditionally opens on December 1 each year. 


Amnesty International's Write for Rights Campaign 2018

Our High School students recently invited Vala Ósk Bergsveinsdóttir, Human Rights Education Coordinator for Amnesty International in Iceland, to collect letters written as part of the annual Write for Rights campaign.

This is our fourth year taking part in the campaign and our students produced an amazing total of 245 handwritten letters, as well as signing postcards and online petitions. Congratulations to our students!

Two of our students were also featured in the Amnesty International magazine (Icelandic language).



TEDxISI 2018

For the last 6 weeks, high school students have been focused on the Global Goals and Human rights. As the culmination of their studies, the students were required to give a TED talk to their peers as well as other members of the school.

There were 3 sessions, one each for Grades 7, 5-6 and 3-4. The speakers were able to share their passion, inspire the younger students, and spread their knowledge and ideas about their chosen global goal. We all learned a lot from them and they showed how much they had learned about their topics as well as developing their presentation and communication skills. 

Many of the speakers were working to overcome nerves and stage fright. It filled our teachers' hearts with pride to witness their courage and commitment to the global goals for sustainable development.


Halloween ISI 2018

Once again, on a dark and stormy night in Garðabær, the ghosts and goblins came out to play ... and eat pizza! 

As we do every year, students, teachers and family spent a lovely evening together in their scariest costumes, sharing fun and food. 

He did the mash, he did the monster mash
The monster mash, it was a graveyard smash
He did the mash, it caught on in a flash...


Tree Planting 2018

We continued our annual beginning-of-the-year traditions at ISI when we took our students Tree Planting with Sjálandsskóli  on Thursday, September 6, at a nearby lava field. 

Iceland takes conservation of nature seriously, and we believe in helping our students to do the same! 


A New School Year at ISI

August 23, 2018 was the first full day of our new school year! 

So far students have gotten to know their new teachers and classmates and have begun Positive Discipline activities to inspire confidence and problem-solving abilities. 

In addition, we had fun in the sun, went kayaking and swimming in our beautiful oceanfront area and students in grades 8-10 even met the president on their morning walk! 

Have a great year, everyone!