School Photo Gallery

Here you'll find many photos from the 2015-2016 school year! 


UNICEF Run & Olympics

On Thursday, May 12,  students celebrated the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio with a variety of sports and activities. This was the highlight of the month for the primary grades, who were exploring the Olympics as an IPC theme.  ISI & Sjálandsskóli came together to host our own Olympic Games together with the UNICEF run.

The UNICEF run is an annual event at ISI. Children run (or walk) after gathering sponsors to raise money for charity. The funds raised go to UNICEF children's charities, which helps educate and provide medical care to children in need around the world. The idea is to find sponsors who donate to UNICEF according to the distance completed – so the further you go, the more your sponsors donate!

2015 Solar Eclipse

On Friday, March 20, Iceland witnessed a solar eclipse so rare that there has not been another one like it for 60 years! School children thoughout the city were provided with special space-age viewing glasses to see this incredible phenomenon. Don´t they look cool?


Our Science teacher, Mirjam, was especially thrilled to be able to share this with our students. We were incredibly lucky to get good weather with very little cloud cover as well. What an experience! 


Annual Middle School Overnight Trip

On May 19-20, students from Eliðaá and Fossá classes went on an annual trip to the Westman Islands. This trip is a source of much excitement and planning every year, with students making efforts to raise their own funds through such events as the Read-a-Thon. 

Highlights this year included a visit to Eldheimur Museum, the fantastic swimming pool and a massive pizza feast! Students also helped make the day special for Pam when they surprised her with cake and sang what Pam called, "the loudest birthday song I have ever heard!" We are already looking forward to next year's trip! 


Spring Fair 2016: Eurovision Through the Years

Our annual celebration of spring was held on Thursday, May 12. Students were excited throughout the school day, ready to play games and dress up to celebrate this year's theme: Eurovision Through the Years! These photos are from Julio's Photo Booth, but other fun at the fair included carnival games, food and good company.  

Thanks to all who attended and to the PTA and parent volunteers who help all our events run smoothly. 


ISI-PTA Flea Market 2016

The annual ISI-PTA Flea Market was held on Saturday, May 7, 2015. In these pictures, you´ll see the very popular face painting station, where the fabulous artwork was provided by the students of the older classes. Visitors to the flea market enjoyed each other's company, great deals on clothing, books and delicious treats from the bake sale.
Thank you to the ISI PTA, for your hard work and support of our school!



Visiting HR

On Friday, April 22, as part of our careers focus, Middle School students were recently invited to see some of the exciting areas of research and methods of learning at Reykjavik University.
We then went to the Department of Sports
Science, where we heard about ISI parent Jose Saavedra's research into the benefits of exercise for people with mental illness, and how to help athletes to perform better, especially the handball team.


Thank you to Jose for helping to organize a visit to one of Reykjavik´s universities!


Moms & Muffins

Our annual celebration of the ladies in our students' lives, called Moms & Muffins, was held on Wednesday, April 20.


Every year, ISI invites Moms and other relatives to start the day with their students. We go to Morning Singing together and enjoy each other's company with special activities in each class. This year's fun included painting tie-die cloth in one class and presentations of their space project research on the iPads from the Middle School students.


As always, they capped off the morning with coffee and muffins. 


Dads & Doughnuts

Our annual celebration of the men in our students´ lives, Dads & Doughnuts, was held on Tuesday, April 12.


Every year, ISI invites Dads and other relatives to start the day with their students. We go to Morning Singing together and we enjoy each other´s company with special activities in each class. This year´s fun included a team building game requiring cups to be stacked and a techno challenge on the iPads. 


As always, they capped off the morning with coffee and doughnuts. Moms & Muffins coming soon! 


Art Club with Soffia

On Monday, April 4, the ISI Art Club took their lesson outside on Monday to enjoy the good weather and to practice drawing from life. We are lucky to have a nearby beach, river and waterfront area (with ducks!) to inspire our artistic endeavors on a sunny day like this!

Art Club is one of several after-school activities this semester, along with Photography Club and more!  


2016 Annual Ski Trip

On Wednesday, March 9, ISI made its way to Bláfjöll Ski Resort, which is located approximately a half hour´s drive from Reykjavik. Bláfjöll is very popular with tourists as well as Icelanders and is especially known for its spectacular views and varied landscapes.


Everyone who attended enjoyed the day mightily despite overcast skies. It was even better to get back inside where it was warm when we finally packed it in for the afternoon. 


Öskudagur/Ash Wednesday

On Wednesday, February 10, students and teachers celebrated Öskudagur at school, dressing up in fun costumes and singing for candy. It is much like Halloween, a US holiday.


Traditionally, ashes in small bags were secretly pinned on the clothing of people. Modern-day children dress up in costumes and sing in shops for treats. It is also a day for weather predictions. Folklore tells us that whatever the weather of the day is on Wednesday, it will be the same for 18 more days.


ISI's Annual Potluck Dinner

On Thursday, February 4, students, teachers and the entire ISI family gathered to enjoy good food and each other´s company at the annual ISI Potluck. Each family was asked to bring a dish which was traditional for their home or which they especially liked to cook!


Also taking place at the potluck: a special presentation of our students singing and the start of fundraising for the upperclassmen´s annual overnight trip. Exciting news! 


The Hour of Code 2015

On Friday, December 11, students and teachers participated in the worldwide event Hour of Code. The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics. Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. It helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path.


Our annual participation in the Hour of Code is part of our overall commitment to creating 21st century learners, which is also supported by our Digital Literacy classes for every grade level. Click here to learn more about ISI´s use of technology in education! 


Family Fun Night


On Wednesday, November 25, the PTA held a Holiday Family Fun Night where parents and children could do holiday crafting together, buy books for the holidays and enjoy some surprises. Holiday crafts included a variety of country traditions, families learned Origami (the Japanese art of paper folding), and could make Chinese New Year Lanterns,  a puppet of a Diwali, Diya, which is a small lamp that is lit especially at Diwali (New Year's in India), Reindeer or Santa ornaments as well as various other crafts.
The event included a bake sale of many international treats. Author Gunnar Helgasson introduced his latest book, Mamma Klikk, and was on hand to sign books for the holidays. Gryla appeared to give out more than 100 raffle prizes from the holiday prize tree and was later joined by one of the Yule Lads, Þvörusleikir / Spoon Licker.


Sleepover at School


On Friday, November 6, kayaking, swimming and zombie tag were part of a night of fun as the Middle School Students slept over at school. This event has become a favorite with many of our older students. "We saw lots of cool jelly fish of all sizes while kayaking!" said one 8th grade student. "It was awesome."


Thank you to all our teachers and parents who supported this annual event! 


Halloween Party 2015


During the school day on Friday, October 30, there was a heightened awareness of the time of year... goblins, witches, zombies and the like were about! During Morning Singing, Óli presented some of our favorite scary songs with the beautiful translation of some ISI students. Many children barely able to contain themselves in their excitement for the evening festivities! 


The evening began with trick-or-treating nearby. Off they went to play with the neighborhood benevolent creatures who would receive them. Finally, they returned readily  to the school for games and fun with their teachers, who had transformed themselves and the school for a spooky evening! 


Authors Visit Our School


On Thursday, October 22, Sjálandsskóli and ISI had special visitors. Authors Ævar Þór Benidiktsson (Ævar Vísindamaður) and Kristjana Friðbjörnsdóttir spoke to Grades 1-4 in the Bilingual Stream. They talked to the kids about their favorite books as children themselves and read to them aloud. In addition, they invited the children to describe the books they are currently reading. 


Ævar read a chapter from the book Mín eigin goðsaga, which will be published next week. Kristjana read from her book, Ævintýri í Ingólfsfjalli, which is already available to read in bookstores and libraries!  


IPC Science Fair

On Friday, October 9, parents and other ISI family were invited to the all-school Science Fair, celebrating the science-based units that began our year. All students learned something about the states of matter (solids, liquids and gases), their distinct qualities and how they interact and change based on the environment. Depending on their age, students learned about such concepts as freezing/melting, the properties of milk (and the observable yumminess of milkshakes!), yeast and bread making and experimenting with a lava lamp. 


Chemical Reactions Activity

On Tuesday, September 1, students from  Öxará, Laxá, Glerá and Ellidaá classes began their first IPC theme of the year with an Entry Point, or beginning activity, about the 3 states of matter. The students were split into 3 groups and each group took part in a  'molecule role-play.' The first group represented solids, the second group represented liquids and the third group represented gases. Students were then asked to use their bodies to demonstrate how solids, liquids and gasses react to a variety of external factors.


Tree Planting 2015

On Friday, September 4, students from all classes at ISI joined their friends at Sjálandsskóli to plant trees in a nearby area! It was a long day in the brisk weather, but we did have some sunshine in the end. Students played games, shared a picnic lunch and of course planted many trees!


Fossá and Elliðaá Classes Go Swimming


On Thursday, October 27, Hafdís, Julio, Karen, Justin and Pam took Fossá and Elliðaá classes swimming at Kópavogslaug. What a gorgeous day for a swim it was!


Blueberry Picking 2015


On Friday, August 28, Julio, Lára, Elisa and Úlfhildur took Öxará and Glerá classes blueberry picking for some fun outside of school! We even found a golf ball! 

10th Anniversary Party


On May 14, 2014, ISI celebrated 10 years as pioneers of international education in Iceland. The school began in 2004 with only 5 students, but boy, have we grown! 


Guests included parents and students, representatives from several embassies in Reykjavik and the mayor of Garðabær, who gave a speech. Former student Íris told us all what it meant to her to be a part of our school. 


In between speakers, we received a lesson in Afro dance and were treated to a Viking-style battle on stage. You never know what to expect at ISI!



​​Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others. -- Rosa Parks