School Photo Gallery

Here you'll find many photos from the 2014-2015 school year! 

Games of the Small States of Europe Field Trips

The international competition Games of the Small States of Europe 2015, were held in Reykjavik, Iceland on June 1-6, several ISI classes took a field trip to see the games themselves. I thnk it´s safe to say that they had a lot of fun, don´t you? 

2015 Solar Eclipse

On Friday, March 20, Iceland witnessed a solar eclipse so rare that there has not been another one like it for 60 years! School children thoughout the city were provided with special space-age viewing glasses to see this incredible phenomenon. Don´t they look cool?


Our Science teacher, Mirjam, was especially thrilled to be able to share this with our students. We were incredibly lucky to get good weather with very little cloud cover as well. What an experience! 


Olympic Games and
UNICEF Run 2015

In honor of the international competition Games of the Small States of Europe 2015, which will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland on June 1-6, ISI and Sjálandsskóli jointly took part in a day of sports on Friday, May 29.  Much appreciation goes to the organizing teachers from both schools: Hrafnhildur, Justin, Karen and Davið!  With an array of sports and activities, as well as beautiful sunny weather, students were able to challenge themselves and get active in the best of conditions. 


End of Year Trip 2015

On May 21-22, Grades 5-7 headed off to Laugarvatn for the annual overnight trip. Much fun was had as the older students came together for a final hurrah of the school year. And on the way back? Ice cream, of course! 


Thank you to the parents and PTA who supported our fundraising efforts throughout the year and to Heiða, Justin and Julio for chaperoning. Without your help, we could not have made this wonderful experience happen for our students! 


Rockabilly Spring Festival

On May 12, the ISI Family gathered to say one thing ... Grease is the word! The 50s were in full swing again as we came together to celebrate our school and Spring's arrival at last! 


Pink Ladies and Greasers, Bobby Socksers and Rockabilly babes gathered for dancing and games like the Ring Ross, Guess This? and more. 


ISI-PTA Annual Flea Market

The annual ISI-PTA Flea Market was held on Saturday May 2, 2015. Read more about the event here, including great bargains on secondhand items and homemade treats.


In these pictures, you´ll see the very popular Decorate Your Own Cupcake station, using homemade fondant.  Some of the kids thought the fondant was play dough and upon learning they could eat it, too, they were very excited! There may be some future bakers among us, as their creative cupcake artwork looked very professional and impressive, making both kids and parents proud.


Thank you all, for your hard work and support of our school!


DJ Workshop After Party

On Wednesday, April 29, ISI students completed the after-school activity DJ Workshop, taught by Seth Sharp. In this 8-week workshop, students learned how to use different DJ-ing software, how to set up equipment, how to mix tracks and how to "read" a crowd.  Everyone discovered the best ways to plan a DJ set, how to create good mixes and how to pick a descriptive DJ name.  


For the final class, the new DJs took to the stage to host a DJ party for the school using all their DJ skills. It was great fun and got everyone dancing! 


Moms & Muffins Day 2015

On Wednesday, April 29, ISI welcomed moms and other relatives to our school, as we did with dads the week before (don´t miss photos below). Moms enjoyed the morning with their students, finishing various crafts and activities with their children. Laxá class built a fun marble run together! 


After the fun was finished, parents were able to mingle and enjoy coffee and muffins before continuing their day. Thank you to all who were able to attend - we love to see your smiling faces! 


Dads & Doughnuts Day

Every year, ISI invites Dads and other relatives to start the day with their students. We go to Morning Singing together and we enjoy each other´s company with special activities in each class. This year´s fun included:


  • Writing names with hieroglyphics

  • Building a tower with spaghetti noodles and marshmallows

  • Writing haikus to welcome summer to Iceland

  • Sharing and comparing facts about ourselves at age 8 (Dads, too!)

  • Celebrating Earth Day with crafts


As always, they capped off the morning with coffee and doughnuts. Moms & Muffins coming soon! 

Swimming Competition 2014

On Tuesday, April 21, ISI students participated in a swimming competition in Hafnarfjörður against 21 other schools.  Justin, our P.E. teacher and homeroom teacher, reported that students swam well and had a lot of fun. All the students in grades 5-7 came and cheered on the 8 swimmers.


Congratulations to Gustav, Emil, Yzan, Enoc
Karen Ardis, Hekla, Hekla Maria and Anja for respresenting ISI in the pool! You can see by their smiles and thumbs up that everyone did well. 


As a special treat, don´t miss the video of this event on the School News page here.


Laxá Raises Awareness for Special Campaign

On Thursday, April 9, Laxá class raised awareness around the school for a cause they had chosen together: Save Endangered Animals!


As part of their current IPC unit, the class discussed different issues that affect the world and what they can do to make a change. After deciding to champion endangered animals, students made protest signs and buttons. Throughout the day, students presented their ideas to people around the school, handing out their buttons and explaining why it was so important to save the animals. 


Whale Museum Visit

On Friday, March 27, Láxa and Glerá classes made a trip to the recently-opened Húsavik Whale Museum! 


Among other things, they learned that 11 whale species can frequently be seen in Icelandic waters. Many of them belong to a group known as great whales with respects to their body size. The smallest of the great whales is the minke whale, which is also considered to be the most abundant species, not only in Iceland, but worldwide. Amazing! 


2015 Solar Eclipse

On Friday, March 20, Iceland witnessed a solar eclipse so rare that there has not been another one like it for 60 years! School children thoughout the city were provided with special space-age viewing glasses to see this incredible phenomenon. Don´t they look cool?


Our Science teacher, Mirjam, was especially thrilled to be able to share this with our students. We were incredibly lucky to get good weather with very little cloud cover as well. What an experience! 


ISI Annual Ski Trip

On Tuesday, March 17, ISI made its way to Bláfjöll Ski Resort, which is located a half hour´s drive from Reykjavik. Bláfjöll is very popular with tourists as well as Icelanders and is especially known for its spectacular views and varied landscapes.


Everyone who attended enjoyed the day mightily due to blue skies and smooth slopes! Just look at those smiles! 


Live in the Studio with ISI!

On March 9, 2015, ISI students reached one of their goals in the current IPC unit, Listen to Us.


With the expert help of our music teacher, Ólafur Schram, we recorded our contribution to a worldwide project called Voices around the World. The mission of this project is to help young people everywhere work together musically to Sing Out! Speak Out! And change the World! Our students certainly did a good job of Singing Out!


Our recording will be sent to the Voices Around the World team, who will use it in the final mix of the song "Listen to Us" written especially for the project by Laurie Lewin. The music will have its international release later this year – it will be available worldwide as a paid download and  CDs will be available for purchase from the Voices Around the World team. The school will get a free copy of the audio when it is released!


Best of all,  money raised through sales will be going directly to help needy schools in Africa. It's good to know all our students hard work will go towards helping other children, elsewhere in the world.


If you would like to know more about the project you can ask your own family singer or check out the website here.


Owls Everywhere! 

Kirsten loves animals, and she loves art! To bring these two together, she has each class create an animal-themed art piece. This year's special creature is the owl!


The handprint owls are the work of Öxará class, who really enjoyed getting messy in the name of art! 


The collage owls are the work of Laxá and Glerá classes. To create these colorful pieces, students explored the idea of a collage and how to use different kinds of media to make a picture come to life! 


Ash Wednesday (Öskudagur)

On Wednesday, February 18, everyone at ISI got dressed in their best and ready to sing for some candy! 

As a beloved tradition in Iceland, Ash Wednesday always brings a lot of fun: Who will have the most creative costume? Our principal Hanna was a delightful hippie! Or was it Julio, who went all-out this year as a Power Ranger? You decide! 



International Potluck Dinner

On February 4, the entire ISI family gathered together to share a delicious meal. Brothers and sisters, moms and dads, former and current students all enjoyed food from around the world. Most popular was the dessert table. I wonder why? 


The event was organized by the PTA, who also designed a picture show of our year so far to play while everyone was eating.  School Board member Ellen Guðlaugsdóttir gave a speech to let everyone know how our accreditation visit from George Hobson went last week and all the heartwarming things he had to say about ISI. 

"It was a lovely night!" Mirjam said.


Book Fair 2014

On November 22, ISI held its annual Book Fair to the delight of all who attended. 


The theme of this year´s book fair was an Interactive Story Laboratory. Our featured guest speaker was author and Icelandic TV personality Ævar Vísindamður who gave a presentation on science and imagination! 


There was an Interactive Story Lab using various iPad apps such as Poetry Magnets, Comic Strip Designer and Puppet Pals to encourage students to create stories of their own.

Also at the book fair were books available in English and Icelandic, signings from local authors and a tasty bake sale with cakes aplenty!


Christmas Craft Days 2014

On November 25 and 26, ISI students and Sjálandsskóli students came together to make holiday decorations for the entire school. It´s the time of year to start spreading holiday cheer! 


Students worked in groups in their areas. Students in grades 1-6 made stars from yarn, origami stars and paper snowflakes. Students in grades 7-10 made faux stained glass art that will adorn the windows of the school.


Christmas music was playing while students worked on the decorations and judging by their smiles in these photos, they really had fun! 


History Museum Field Trip

On November 12, students from Laxá and Glerá classes took a field trip to the Natural History Museum of Kópavogur. We were met by Haraldur Rafn Ingvason (a big thank you to him!) who explained the collection to us and made wonderful connections to what we are studying in IPC, a theme called Footprints from the Past.  


Students learned that the island of Iceland was beginning to form at the end of dinosaur era and that the artic fox is the only natural mammal on our island. They also saw many curious creatures such as the "Lúfiser" and "Sjávardjöfullinn" -- creatures that have adapted to the dark, deep sea. Amazing! 


Friendship Week 2014

For the week of November 3-7, Sjálandsskóli and ISI celebrated Friendship Week together.  Activities included creating beautiful flowers with each student´s name on them, which were then passed around the class so that others could write that person´s beautiful qualities on the petals.


The week was designed to create opportunities to explore what it means to be a good friend, how we can be kind to each other everyday and to have empathy for others.


On Friday, November 7, everyone dressed nicely for the occasion and brought food to school for Snack Time. Together, all the students had a wonderful shared fest. 


Art Gallery 2014

Here we see some beautiful artwork completed by various classes at ISI. We love creating things whenever we can, whether it is Art class or IPC!  


The dinosaurs were completed by Laxá class for the IPC unit Footprints from the Past. Students discussed other pieces of art which depict dinosaurs to see how artists make dinosaurs look realistic with color and textures. For the paintings, they used watercolor paints and chalk.


Dino figures were made in another IPC class with clay and paint, lovingly molded by the students themselves.


Halloween Party 2014

On October 29, ISI hosted its annual Halloween Party, which is always a spooky good time! Students went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood and by 5:30 PM, they were ready to play some games. 


Kirsten´s Ghost Bowling was an ever-popular attraction, as was Pam´s Bobbling for Apples. New games this year included The Joker´s Revenge, with a very scary Julio and Find my Spider, a witchy and mysterious game from Edda! 


Thanks to Sigrun Boatwright for these photos of our students and to Berta Faber for her photos of the staff. 


It was a scary good time! 

Hunting for Dinosaur Eggs

On October 22, Laxá and Glerá classes went on a Dinosaur Hunt to begin an IPC unit called Footprints From the Past. 


They explored the nearby beach and were thrilled to find many mysterious eggs. Carefully excavating their specimens, the students returned to the classroom to break open their treasures using careful application of a hammer and magnifying glasses. 


This IPC theme will last 9 weeks. Like detectives, students will try to discover what dinosaurs looked like, what they ate and what might have happened to them in the end.

IPC Science Fair

On October 17, Parents and other family members were treated to the IPC Science Fair from 8:15 - 9:00 AM. Students proudly displayed the knowledge they had gathered from their IPC units on the human body, using colorful displays and activities. 


Classes showed off games involving the senses, such as a mystery bag inviting others to put their hand in and guess at the contents. Older students focused on nutrition and the human body by making delicious smoothies and creating menus for their pretend restaurant for all the guests to enjoy!


Parents and students alike left school smiling today! Congratulations to all our participants for a job well done.

Ice Bucket Challenge 2014

On August 28, 2014, the International School of Iceland participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS/MND and to make a donation to the Nordic Conference for MND that was held at the Grand Hotel over the following weekend. 

Students and staff had great fun being a part of this wonderful event (although it was certainly a little chilly).


Special thanks to the ISI PTA, who organized the event, and to Tara Kaberry for these photographs. Find a video of all the fun on our ISI in the Media page! 

Tree Planting 2014

As is our tradition at ISI. students went Tree Planting with Sjálandsskóli at a nearby lava field. 


As you will see, it was the perfect day for laughter, silly faces, and fun! 

Swimming 2014

The teachers of ISI took their students swimming in the first week of school, as we do every year. 


Despite the gray weather, it was a fun day at the pool! 


10th Anniversary Party


On May 14, 2014, ISI celebrated 10 years as pioneers of international education in Iceland. The school began in 2004 with only 5 students, but boy, have we grown! 


Guests included parents and students, representatives from several embassies in Reykjavik and the mayor of Garðabær, who gave a speech. Former student Íris told us all what it meant to her to be a part of our school. 


In between speakers, we received a lesson in Afro dance and were treated to a Viking-style battle on stage. You never know what to expect at ISI!



​​Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others. -- Rosa Parks