School Photo Gallery

Here you'll find many photos from the 2016-2017 school year! 

Be sure to take a look at the Archive photo galleries to see how ISI has celebrated learning in previous school years! 



Sports Day 2017

On a beautiful day in May, students from both ISI and Sjálandsskóli came together to enjoy the sunshine and get some fresh air with a series of games and fun to celebrate the end of the year together! 

As always, it was a great day, filled with laughter, fun and lots of exercise all through the school. 

2015 Solar Eclipse

On Friday, March 20, Iceland witnessed a solar eclipse so rare that there has not been another one like it for 60 years! School children thoughout the city were provided with special space-age viewing glasses to see this incredible phenomenon. Don´t they look cool?


Our Science teacher, Mirjam, was especially thrilled to be able to share this with our students. We were incredibly lucky to get good weather with very little cloud cover as well. What an experience! 


Moms & Muffins 2017

On Tuesday, March 25, students at ISI welcomed the special ladies in their lives to school for activities and fun! 

Students in Hraunfoss class made cute little heads out of grass seeds and nylon socks which they will keep an eye on in the coming weeks! Drekafoss students competed to see who could build the tallest tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti noodles, and our oldest students played a rousing game of Kahoot! 

Then, we stopped for some much-needed coffee and a muffin. It was a wonderful morning and we're always happy to show are parents what our creative students can do. 


Middle School Class Trip to Sunny (and Snowy) Spain

On March 20-24, our Middle School students jetted off to Madrid to take part in cultural exchanges with Spanish youth, see the museums and enjoy walking tours in sunny (and sometimes snowy?) Spain. “I am happy to report that ISI’s first international trip was amazing!” said ISI teacher Julio, who is a trip organizer and Madrid native.

Highlights included a cable car ride above the city, reconnecting with a former ISI student in town and shopping.


Many thanks to the teachers (Pam, Julio & Úlfhildur) and parent chaperones (Erla & Jóhannes) who made this such a successful experience. Our students returned home beaming and one has already begun to plan the next trip!


A Visit to the Alþing

The students in Goðafoss, Grades 5-6, have been studying different types of government and governments around the world. On Monday, March 6, we visited Alþingi, our Icelandic Parliament, where the students learned more about the governance in Iceland and the history of parliament itself.

This field trip is part of an IPC unit that encourages students to consider, "One day, you should have the right to vote - to decide who will lead your country. What will you do with your vote? Which party or leader would you choose? What issues would get your attention? Politics is about taking an active role and interest in the future, to improve our lives and those of others."


Goðafoss Class Goes to the Science Center

On March 9, Goðafoss class visited Vísindasmiðjan (the Science Center) at the University of Iceland with their science class. They have just finished a Chemistry unit and are starting an Earth and Space science unit next week.


This was a perfect way to make science active and fun after so much study of the essentials. Hafdis reports that students enjoyed the demonstrations very much! 


Öskudagur/Ash Wednesday 2017 

Another colourful, crazy, costumed and candy-filled Öskudagur was celebrated this week. As always, ISI and Sjálandsskóli shared the joy and the candy. 

There was dancing in the hall and much fun and games at the singing stations. The Middle School students took turns looking after the stations for ISI, and they encouraged all kinds of zany performances from everyone who came to visit.


IPC Unit: Scavengers and Settlers - Early Man to the Iron Age

ISI 3rd and 4th grade students enthusiastically took on the challenge of building outdoor shelters as part of the entry point to their new IPC unit “Scavengers and Settlers - Early Man to the Iron Age.”


The goal of the activity was to introduce students to some of the skills our ancestors relied upon to ensure adequate shelter. Divided into “tribes”, students used snow as material to build a cave or a snowhouse. Teamwork and cooperation were essential in order to complete the task!

Well done, Elding and Sykurpúðar tribes!


Hour of Code  2016


Tuesday, December 6, students and teachers at ISI participated in the Hour of Code with 163, 585 schools worldwide. The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics. 

The founders of the HoC believe every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st-century career.
Our annual participation in the Hour of Code is part of our overall commitment to creating 21st century learners. We also teach Digital Literacy to every grade level. Click here to learn more about ISI's commitment to technology in education! 


Halloween Party 2016

Halloween is one of the most hotly anticipated holidays of the year at ISI, in part because of our spooky all-school bash! Parents, teachers and students dress up in their most festive costumes and come together for fun and games. It's a ghoulish good time! 

A big thank you goes to our PTA for dedicating their time and effort to organize our pizza party, and to Julio for taking these bone-chilling photos! 


Nordic House Visit


On Thursday, October 6, children from Drekkafoss, Skogarfoss & Hraunfoss classes paid a visit to the Nordic House. The students took part in an event which was offered by the International Children's and Youth Literature Festival. 

Students met the Danish artist Hanne Bartholin and Anthony Browne of England, who was the Children's Laureate from 2009-2011. Both accomplished authors, they have collaborated on a picture book named Frida and Bear.  Anthony and Hanne read their book for the students and then invited them to play the Shape Game. 


All-School Tree Planting 2016


Our Tree Planting Day is a big hit every year. Together, students and staff (and their Sjálandsskóli friends!) head off into a local field called Sandhlíð. We plant hundreds of trees together during the day, play games, get to know one another, and take advantage of the last few days of sunlight before the long, cozy winter sets in. What a lovely day it was! 

We begin by carefully planting seeds in the soil, then cover them with care. Later, we eat a picnic lunch together in the sun together and finally, we play games until it's time to go! 

IPC entry point
IPC entry point

IPC Entry Point


To begin the school year, students often do the same IPC unit (called themes) across grade levels. This year's theme to start the year off right involves classifying, grouping, recycling and reusing!


Students will be examining materials in order to design new uses for old things. Good for the environment and good for creativity!