Bilingual Program

 “In our school, we aim for high levels of bilingualism, biliteracy and academic achievement, as well as the ability to work both cooperatively and independently.  As a school we are dedicated to ongoing self-evaluation, reflection and improvement.” -- Elizabeth R. Howard and Julie Sugarman


When the International School of Iceland opened its doors in 2004, the student body consisted of children whose parents were working in Iceland for 2-3 years in the foreign service, university or business community.  These families were seeking an English-speaking program for their children.  Over time, the student body grew and changed, with  more and more students living in Iceland on a permanent  or semi-permanent basis.  In 2008, the dual language immersion program, or bilingual stream, was launched. The bilingual stream follows the national curriculum for Icelandic and Icelandic mathematics. Students in the bilingual program study mathematics in both languages and use different materials, depending on the language.  The program has been expanded to include grade 7 in the 2013-2014 school year.  Approximately 70% of the students at ISI are in the bilingual program.   


Bilingual: ability to receive and communicate ideas in two languages, and switch between both in a seamless manner, without translation.

Biliterate:  ability to read and write in both languages to an approximately equal degree of proficiency.

Binumerate:  ability to perform mental calculations in the language being used

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